SIFN Custom Election Code Community Referendum

What happened last Wednesday, March 1, 2023



March 1, 2023

Minutes by Catherine Penashue and transcribed by Tiiu Poder

Meeting began at 1:45 pm

Roxanne opened the meeting and introduced Rose Montague to say the opening prayer.

Greg Pastistishi welcomed the people and thanked them for attending. Last meeting there were over 100 attendees and this meeting we had about 50 people in attendance. The question of elders getting paid arose and Greg told them Paulette Hart would be taking names of elders.

Greg explained that Roxanne would be passing the microphone to audience members who wished to have their comments heard. Greg then did a review of the previous Election Code meeting that took place last January 18, 2023. He gave a recap of the motions that were made and the results of each vote. The amendments were written into a revised draft of the Code and copies of that draft were delivered to every household in Sheshatshiu – a total of 400 copies. It was also posted on the SIFN website

Greg then welcomed feedback from members in the audience. He explained the final vote procedure for the ratification of the Election Code that would take place at the end of today’s meeting.

Roxanne told the audience that once motions were made and passed or defeated, we would no longer be returning to those topics.

Luke Rich took the microphone and said that he wasn’t at the last meeting and he is here today to talk about the election code. He said that he was once employed by Chief Paul Rich and at that time there were 3 male and 3 female counsellors. But now because of the growth in population he felt there should be more counsellors.

Luke also said he didn’t know about the radio talk show (on Feb. 28). Greg explained that we used every channel available to make announcements about the Election Code meeting – Radio, posters, Facebook, website and deliveries to every household.

Then at 2:07 pm Penute Andrew privately interrupted Greg to let him know that Raphael Gregoire had just passed away. Greg then announced that the meeting is cancelled immediately out of respect for the family. Everyone departed. Our condolences go out to the family.

The meeting will be rescheduled.

Next Meeting Date

We are proposing Tuesday, March 28 or Wednesday, March 29. Once we have consensus we will announce the date. Stay tuned.

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