Personnel Policy

The most recent policy was completed in 2018. It is available upon request in electronic form or printed form. Contact Elena Andrew, Director of HR with your request.


Governance Policy

The Governance Policy is complete and awaiting ratification by Chief and Council.

Draft Custom Election Code

Please click on the title above to access the complete Code. The Draft Code underwent a legal review in late December, 2022 and early January, 2023. Amendments were made to reflect the legal review and to ensure the Code was aligned with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms within the Canadian Constitution. Those changes appear in red. On January 18, 2023 SIFN hosted the Community Referendum Meeting at the CYN. The presentation centred around a PowerPoint presentation included above. Meeting minutes are also included. Click on each title to access. When you click, the documents are downloaded and you must click on the download bar on the lower left side of your computer to open the document. Some amendments were made following the meeting and they appear on the Draft Election Code in green.

Information Governance Policy

The first draft is complete and awaiting review by the Chief and Council.

Housing Policy

A Housing Strategy was written and work is now underway on a comprehensive Housing Policy for SIFN.

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