And so it begins

Welcome to the first post on the new SIFN Blog

This is an interactive site that will be bringing to you valuable information concerning your community and it’s leadership. It’s linked to the SIFN Facebook page that will continue to bring you news and announcements. Just click on the Facebook image at the base of the home page and you’re there.

This site has tabs set up for various categories. Please click on each one to see what’s in there. This site is a constant work in progress that relies on input from the SIFN leadership and community. Content will be changing frequently as new developments occur, recommendations are made and events take place. The best part is that you can send in your comments and we can hear and respond to them. Be sure to subscribe to this site by clicking on the FOLLOW button at the base of the home page. When you enter your email address you will be assured to receive a message every time a new post is added to this site. We are all one strong community and now we have a better means to stay in touch with each other.

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