Tuesday, December 6, 2022,

CYN Centre

CEC Presentation and Meeting 1 – 6 pm

Community Feast – Everyone Welcome 6:30 pm

Dear SIFN Member

The Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Chief and Council has completed a Custom Election Code for SIFN. And now we need your feedback if you are of voting age 18+. We are hosting a COMMUNITY REFERENDUM (VOTE) on Tuesday, December 6 from 1 pm – 6 pm followed by a community feast. (Location to be announced)

What is the Custom Election Code (CEC)?

It is the foundation of the democratic process for SIFN. The Code provides the rules and procedures for the election and ensures fairness and equality for all members. It is customized by the community for the community on our own terms and conducted our way. The majority vote of members causes it to become law.

Where can I find it?

You can find an electronic version here at in the POLICIES tab. Or click here Custom Election Code. Printed copies are available at the Band Office Reception area. Or you can email the Director of Operations – or to request a copy.

How do I provide feedback?

Please prepare any comments in writing and submit to or take your written comments to the Band Office Reception in an envelope labelled Custom Election Code. The deadline for your comments is Friday, November 25. The Chief and Council will then review your comments and amend the CEC where needed and agreed upon. Your comments must be fair and reasonable, legal and not of a personal nature.

When does the CEC become law?

We will conduct a full presentation of the CEC at the COMMUNITY REFERENDUM on December 6. Translation will be provided when and where necessary. It will be followed by a Question & Answer period allowing members to make their final comments. With reasonable representation of the community (100 – 200 members) we will be able to vote on the final Document. With a majority vote and after legal review, the SIFN Custom Election Code will become law.

Your role as a member of SIFN is to participate in this process. We look forward to your valuable comments.

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