SIFN held a Special Community Meeting and Referendum on the SIFN Custom Election Code. The meeting took place at the CYN on Wednesday, January 18 from 1 – 6 pm. One hundred and seventy registered SIFN members attended. Roxanne Rich was the facilitator and Greg Pastitshi, the Director of Operations delivered a presentation by PowerPoint that summarized the Custom Election Code. The presentation concluded around 3:30 pm and was followed by a question period where members had a chance to express their thoughts and concerns. A lively discussion ensued and numerous issues were raised. If a member wished to do so, they were asked to present a motion that, if seconded, would be voted upon. One motion was passed that the Special Meeting be extended to more meetings where members would have sufficient time to debate and discuss issues that concerned them. As a result, a vote on the entire CEC did not take place. We are now planning a schedule and a structure for the next meeting. In the meantime, we will hand deliver one full copy of the Draft Election Code to each SIFN household. It is not yet available in Innu aimun, but we will begin the translation process as soon as possible. We will keep you posted via this website. Stay tuned.

For now we are forwarding to all community members a copy of the MEETING MINUTES. Also attached is the CEC POWERPOINT PRESENTATION as was presented by Greg Pastitshi at the special meeting. To access these copies please go to the POLICIES tab at the top of the page. Follow to the Custom Election Code and click on the titles. The site will automatically download the copy and when you click on the download the file will open up.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. Your input is valuable to the future of our First Nation!

Next Community Meeting is on

Tuesday, February 28, 1 – 6 pm at the CYN

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