COMMUNITY REFERENDUM ON THE SIFN CUSTOM ELECTION CODE Wednesday, January 18 at 1 pm. at the CYN. A COMMUNITY FEAST will follow beginning at 6:30 pm.

The SIFN Custom Election Code is central to the governance and democratic process at Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation. Your feedback and comments are vital to the future of SIFN!

The Meeting will take begin at 1 pm and will probably run through 6 pm. A condensed version of the Election Code will be presented by PowerPoint with translation available where necessary. There will be a Question and Answer period that will allow an opportunity for community members to express their views. At the end of the process everyone will place their vote for or against the Code.

The Code has undergone a legal review and some minor modifications will be presented at the meeting. All registered SIFN members who are 18 years or older are invited to participate.

This important event will be followed by a Community Feast to celebrate the future of SIFN! Everyone is welcome to the Feast!

To review the Custom Election Code, Click on Policies on the menu bar and then Custom Election Code.

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